At Sinclair Financial Group, we have only one starting point: listening. By doing this, we:

  • Understand what problems or challenges exist is the first instance.
  • Discover what your current financial position is and what your pain points are.; what your goals are and how you think you going to get there; What are the obstacles, why have you not been able to achieve your goals to date.
  • Consider all the options available and then discount each one based on your goals, objectives and best interests.
  • Consider the financial impact of every option before arriving at a recommendation.
  • Consider the complexity of the recommendations for you.
  • Gauge your interest in possible solutions by asking you questions about the various options – you need to be comfortable with the outcome – it must satisfy the sleep test, that is, if you can’t sleep at night worrying about the investments or strategies you have just taken on the wrong strategies.
  • Understand your previous investment experience
  • We know we don’t necessarily have all of the answers but we know where to find them. We have an extensive network of professional advisers that we know and trust. These advisers can help us make holistically good decisions on behalf of you.

Our experience in the industry means that we have come across most situations at some stage. There are always situations that come from left field but buy and large we have dealt with multi-million dollar clients through to pro-bono clients and can ensure we will find the best solution that is right for you.

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    We put you first from the moment we start working together and our commitment to you never wavers.